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"Hold Her Closer" by Blessid Union Of Souls

"Just once in your life if you hear the knock of love just let it in."

Blessid Union Of Souls

"Breakdown" by Mariah Carey

"Underneath the guise of a smile gradually I’m dying inside."

Mariah Carey

"Who Says You Can’t Go Home?" by Bon Jovi

"I left a million miles of memories on that road."

Bon Jovi

"Shoot Down The Stars" by Gym Class Heroes

"How fragile we are, so fragile we are, we just don’t show it."

Gym Class Heroes

"The Sweater Song" by Weezer

"If you want to destroy my sweater, pull this thread as I walk away."


"Go On" by Taking Back Sunday

"I met a girl traveling ‘round the world, leaving pieces behind."

Taking Back Sunday

"American Girls" by Counting Crows

"She waits another week to fall apart; she couldn’t make another day. I wish it was anyone but me, I could have been anyone you see. She had something breakable just under her skin."

Counting Crows

"What’s Left Of Me" by Nick Lachey

"Sometimes you hold so tight it slips right through your hands."

Nick Lachey

"Ordinary" by Saving Jane

"Dragging ‘round an old guitar that I can’t even play. I fade into your background like a piece of yesterday. I might be a nobody to you…but somewhere they’re gonna listen."

Saving Jane

"Lua" by Bright Eyes

"And I’m not sure what the trouble was that started all of this; the reasons all have run away, but the feeling never did. It’s not something I would recommend, but it is one way to live…’cause what is simple in the moonlight by the morning never is. It was so simple in the moonlight now it’s so complicated. It was so simple in the moonlight."

Bright Eyes

"Anna Begins" by Counting Crows

"And every time she sneezes I believe it’s love, and oh lord…I’m not ready for this sort of thing." Counting Crows

"Song For The Unloved" by Backstreet Boys

"No one is glamorously lonely all by themselves."

Backstreet Boys

"Love Song For No One" by John Mayer

"I’m not sure who I’m looking for; I’ll know it when I see you. Until then, I’ll hide in my bedroom, staying up all night just to write a love song for no one."

John Mayer

"First Week" by Graham Colton Band

"Everything that you feel that you can’t describe…"

Graham Colton Band

"Watch The Sky" by Something Corporate

"And I will crawl, there’s things that aren’t worth giving up I know."

Something Corporate

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